Pusat Bahasa FIB UNAIR

Bio: THE ORGANIZATION PUSAT BAHASA is a work unit under the Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University, which was established to provide one-stop language services. This unit offers three wellestablished programs: Language Training, Language Testing, and Translation. PUSAT BAHASA has had cooperation with a number of organizations outside Airlangga University such as banks, companies, government agencies, and educational institutions. The projects conducted include Conversation Class for Social Affairs Office (Dinsos) of East Java, TOEFL® ITP for the Staff of Pelindo III, TOEFL® ITP for Bank Mandiri Staff Recruitment, TOEFL® ITP for Staff Promotion of Bank Jatim, and Teachers Training for Schools in East Java. PUSAT BAHASA is committed to providing excellent testing, training and translation services. We have experienced and qualified instructors ready to help every customer. THE SITE Located in the premises of Campus B of Airlangga University, Jalan Dharmawangsa Dalam, Surabaya, our office is easy to find. It is in the heart of Surabaya which can be reached by any means of public transportation.

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    kutukamus said:
    October 8, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    Hi there. That’s a good cause alright. Yet I think encouraging students to post here in this blog might be a good idea, for one reason or another. Good luck! 🙂

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